Vampire Women

He loved sitting like that and stroking, he was absolutely nuts about black nylons and high heels.It was a remnant of his boyhood. He couldn’t have been older than seven. His grown up sister had a girl friend with dark, Latina-like complexion, who would come to visit.

She would always wear nice clothes, her blouse stretched tightly over protruding tits, a skirt with stockings underneath, and stilettos. She would let him sit between her legs under the table, as if just for fun. The sister thought it was just a little kid’s fancy. At least he wasn’t bothering her, so she let him do as he pleased, as long as he kept quiet. Her friend, on the other hand, knew very well what was going on. Little Damian was sitting down there, aroused as all hell.

Back then he didn’t know what sex was, he just liked the ‘kid’s play,’ the amazing feeling of being down there between her legs. He would crawl under her skirt and sit down there excited, softly touching her black stocking-clad legs. He tried to do it so that his sister wouldn’t see what was going on under the table. Her friend must’ve liked what he was doing, as sometimes she would stiffen, squeezing him with her thighs passionately.

Whenever the sister left for a moment, they would go a little further. The super-slut would stick her crotch in Damian’s nose, pulling his hand towards that magic heat-emanating spot between her beautiful legs. He would fly away, so turned on by it all that he was close to losing consciousness. One day his sister’s friend left for Australia. Damian missed her a lot, often recalling being down there between her legs under the table. Imagining all that, he’d get flushes of erotic fever.

When she came back, he was already twelve. She came to visit, as always wearing a long skirt, stilettos and garter belt stockings.
When Damian, all smiles, pretending it was a game, asked if he could do it like in the old days, she agreed, as usual turning it all into a joke. His sister gave them a strange look, thinking it was all somewhat inappropriate – after all, he wasn’t so little anymore – but she decided not to bother and Damian, like a young dog in heat, crawled under the table.

What he saw down there was true paradise – he just couldn’t believe the perverted slut wasn’t wearing any underwear. Afraid and aroused at once, he started with the usual touching of the stocking-covered legs, at the same time staring deep into the shaved cunt shining with more and more juice from all the excitement.

He couldn’t resist it and finally touched the slit as it pulsated with desire. He felt delightful hot moisture as shivers ran down his whole body. His swollen dick, stuck in his underwear, was throbbing like crazy. He sat quietly, not knowing what to do. He felt like moaning in ecstasy but he was afraid his sister would hear it and the party would be over.

However, the moment she went out to make tea, the horny slut pulled his face towards her cunt with one move, making him start licking and kissing, no real clue how and where.The nymphet quickly pointed with her finger:

“Right here, suck here, suck on the little button, oh yeah, stick your finger in the hole and suck, you little pervert,” she gave her orders, breathing heavily with desire.
He adored her, thinking he was in heaven. The sister stayed outside as it turned out she had to leave and run some errands with some man who just showed up. She just shouted from behind the closed door she’d be back in twenty minutes.

“Put your hand inside, come on, do it.” She reached out and helped him cram his whole palm into her vagina. It slipped in after a few attempts and his sister’s friend started screaming in ecstasy.

She was really into depraving little boys, perhaps she was once depraved herself. Damian didn’t know the truth. All he knew was this was seventh heaven, sliding his hand in and out, unbelievable tension in his pants growing.

He felt her sweet taste inside his mouth. They were both moaning as the perverted slut arched suddenly, screamed loudly and fell back, powerless. Seconds later, however, she opened her eyes and asked:

“Do you want to be a man?”
Of course he did, she could do everything she wanted to him. The girl took his pants off, he was so stiff he didn’t even feel any shame.
“Give it to me, right now,” she pulled his little erect penis, throbbing with unbelievable tension and delight.

She directed it at her burning hole, adapted the position of her hips to Damian’s height and pulled him towards her. He went in easily, she was far too spacious for him. Despite that, once he felt the hot, moist cavity burning with desire, he exploded instantly, just pushed it inside and came. It was the best thing that happened to him so far in his short life. He knew back then and there that sex would become his hobby, he felt so good he wanted to stay inside her forever.

“Gee, you’re quick, kid.” She pushed him away and took his dick in her mouth. He felt aroused almost instantly.

“Come on, I’ll let you do it one more time, you didn’t even have a proper fuck,” she said as she sucked his little penis.

Once it was back to being hard, she sat on a chair, stuck her butt cheeks out straight in his direction and said:

“In the ass now, it’ll be tighter, just your size.”
Damian was in shock, he didn’t know you could do it like that. The slut made her finger wet and put it in the asshole, moved it around a bit and stuck it in his mouth.

“See how sweet, you’ll love it, you pervert, it’s nice in the ass, very nice. Come on, this time you’re gonna fuck me real good.” She spread her legs open wide, stretched her anus and waited for him to put it inside. Damian gave it a couple of tries and went inside. It was tight, very nice.

“Come on, move it now, kid, fuck that ass hard with your cute little dick.” Damian went on fucking, fucking like a robot, no control over his movements whatsoever. He felt the pleasure washing over him. He looked at her legs in the black stockings and her arched feet, beautifully exposing the sexy stilettos.

He was fucking and screaming when he came. Once the perverted slut/sister’s girl friend/young boys’ lover saw Damian coming, she pulled him over with a swift move, pushed her hot tongue down his throat and her pinky finger she just drooled over straight up Damian’s unsuspecting butt.

The feeling he experienced at that moment stayed with him forever, he was shaken with ecstasy so powerful he lost his consciousness for a second. When he came to, he saw his sister’s friend masturbate skillfully with both her hands, one of them fondling her burning vagina while the other was busy with her still unsatisfied ass.

“Give me your tongue,” she moaned in excitement, she wanted to come while French kissing that little bad boy.

She was evil, immoral, deviated, but Damian remembered her as the source of all his favorite experiences in his youngest years. He never regretted anything that happened back then. It was thanks to her that he discovered the taste of sex which later on became his way of life. Since then Damian’s priorities were to party hard, cum hard, try anything you could just to feel the perverse thrill of ecstasy. He was possessed, nothing mattered apart from sex and the occult. It was also to her he owed his interest in magic.

The stockinged slut, while visiting Damian’s sister, would often read Tarot cards, talking about the spiritual world, the magical perception of reality influencing the world and the people. She brought with her books of satanic curses which she would often recite to achieve some results.

Above her ever-hungry pussy there was a tattooed head of some demon. On her ass and back there was a writhing snake with a goat’s head. Damian saw the tattoo once as he was peeping at his sister and her friend trying on some outfits. The snake-goat stared at him with a mocking stare devoid of any respect.
Back then Damian thought that one day he would like to look at the world in the same way…