Age of Awareness

Satan was born in my heart in 1980.
Certain traumatic, near-death experience produced a defensive reaction, leading to the creation of a completely new concept of reality; in order to cope with the shock, I needed to build in my mind a place where it seemed I was in control of everything. The place was made for myself only, it gave me comfort and safety, but, as a consequence, it drove me towards uncontrolled ego growth.
The growth left me at odds with humanity, devoid of empathy, filled my heart with hatred and vengeance, moved my consciousness to “a place of Satan.”
I guided my psyche through every monstrous phase possible: serial and mass murderers, sadists, psychopaths, from Hitler to Satan.
I refused to see the meaning of life.
It wasn’t until 1999 that I experienced “enlightenment,” during which I realized everything I had gone through in my life was part of a bigger plan.
A plan, in which my destiny was to become ‘Satan,’ humanity’s scourge God called upon in the same way he once called upon Jesus.
My whole life started to make ‘philosophical’ sense, and this pathological vision made the ego, overblown to a “divine” level, even stronger.
As “Satan,” I could see only one satisfactory solution, namely the destruction of the whole human race.
My plan involved long-term operations leading to the creation of a sect which, formed around the Association of the Supporters of Death Penalty, Euthanasia and Birth Control I founded back then in Wrocław, would gather sufficient funds to carry out a plan aimed at the hybridization of the Ebola virus and the flu virus, or an alternative plan for annihilation.
In those days the plan seemed unfeasible, however, I knew civilization was developing exponentially.
It was obvious to me that one day a lab my sect controlled would be able fulfill its tasks.
Systematic realization of my plan brought about a feeling of bliss, I felt like someone special, I was looking down on everything and everyone, taking from the people and the world anything I needed to carry out my sick intention.
I gladly sacrificed my whole self, became a global terrorist carrying out a suicidal mission.
The company of death made everything I undertook at the time unique, almost drenched in “divine power,” or at least it seemed to me that way back then.
I would like to use this opportunity to declare that all individuals assisting me in the realization of the plan at the time remained unaware of the ultimate goal of the whole undertaking. They were manipulated and used in a despicable manner in the name of a “higher”, “divine” goal.
Not only did I desire to annihilate the civilization, but also wanted the dying human race to be aware it deserved such an end, which was I why at the time I started a band called “Mitote” in which I completed the “Newest Testament” project, its message explaining why the history of our civilization ends in such a tragic way.
I felt satisfaction stemming from the image of people dying in pain with my face projected in their minds, mercilessly staring at them in the final moments of their lives.
My plan was ruined when I met my wife, the strength of her personality, love and devotion finally killed the demon in me.
It refused to go out without a fight, the vision built over so many years wouldn’t let go, it wasn’t easy, those who feel like submerging in “that” world are encouraged to read “Over the Edge” (on sale now) and “Yoke” (work in progress) in which I described some of the emotional states accompanying that possession.
Due to my ‘demonic’ past, I know how much evil is bred by religious fundamentalism, fanaticism which justifies even the worst deeds, most hideous in their nature.
Which is exactly why I would like to start a discussion on the state humanity is in right now.
I am of the opinion that in these ‘strange’ times we are facing a choice: “The Age of Awareness” or “The Age of Self-destruction”.
My attempt at debating global issues is a form of atonement, redemption of the desire for annihilation I thrived on for the biggest part of my life.
It is also supposed to serve as an act of cleansing from ‘personal history,’ an act of liberating myself from ‘human programming.’
I hope you will pay attention to what I have to say and try to go beyond your fossilized way of thinking you didn’t even create, the way imprinted into your consciousness by your parents, the society and education.
What I’m doing is also an attempt at paying my dues to my guide I never met in person, but whose work made me open my eyes.
The man led me to understand the world we perceive everyday is nothing but a sensory interpretation of the primary state which, at its fundamental level, is pure energy.
At this point I would like to mention the questions related to quantum physics, as looking from its perspective allows us to revolutionize the way we perceive the universe.
In 1925 physicists discovered that on the quantum level everything is vibrant energy and that this scientific truth should serve as the basis for a complete change in the concept of the world and God, the existence of which in our consciousness creates chaos and confusion.
The dogmas of faith stand in the way of people’s development, while religions, with their interpretations, make the divisions between human beings stronger, thus escalating hatred, which, as a consequence, brings war to the world.
Therefore, in “The Age of Awareness” there is no place for a ‘God with a name,’ the only thing we can lean on is the likely assumption that the vibrant energy encompassing everything we know and don’t know, may possess some kind of consciousness, the scale of which is beyond comprehension for the brain of the homo-sapiens ape.
I’m using the word ‘ape’ on purpose, the term is sure to make some people angry, however, to pre-empt their reaction I would only like to remind everyone what us “humans” did to the world, the home we all live in.
Well, my dear ones, our home is overcome with filth, stench and poverty, it is governed by injustice, lust for money, hatred, egoism, conflict, mismanagement of natural resources, devastation, harm done to animals who deserve proper living we took away from them.
The home with inhabitants who manufacture, sell and buy weapons to be used against other inhabitants. Ubiquitous paranoia.
How are we to feel good under one roof with someone who sleeps with a loaded gun under their pillow?
Suspicion, distrust, aggression, those things make up the atmosphere of our home.
That’s why the time has come to make a change, to throw out the reasons why we get excited upon seeing a high-tech tank or drone.
We must reject religion which, always preaching about the love of thy neighbor, at the same time, via its ‘absolute truths,’ contributes to the most fundamental divisions, religion, the existence of which provokes unending controversies, hatred and malice.
The pope as well as the other “spiritual leaders” have to face the facts: religion is evil, an instrument of power imposing unjustified “truths,” a brutal method of obliterating people, manipulating them and exploiting their straightforward, naïve confidence for somebody’s egotistical purposes.
We need no churches, all we need is the common denominator religions left behind; this common denominator is love.
On the presonal level, each individual should aspire to achieve perfection, only with such an attitude we will be able to call ourselves “humans,” citizens of planet Earth, our collective home.
Till then, we are “apes” arguing over borders, money, deposits. “Apes” who don’t speak to one another but keep talking nonsense without listening to others, keep hating for reasons they themselves, deep inside, know to be artificial, ridiculous and sad at the same time.
People with sincere intention to analyze today’s situation will surely undertake steps leading to rejection of racism, nationalism and religious divisions, which, as a result, will elevate them to the next level of the evolution of mankind. Once there, they will create new history based on the fact we are bound to live with ourselves, therefore we must strike a deal and clean the mess we made in our own backyard.
Those unable to reject the “philosophy of division” will have to leave, the planet is overpopulated, so the loss will be minimal, it is natural for the new to push out the old and it’s nothing personal, just the nature of things.
Nature is one more key word we should imprint in our consciousness for good, as technological civilization we turned our backs on “Mother nature,” hurting ourselves. Everything we could poison is poisoned, the radiation leftover from the countless nuclear tests, unwholesome food, a way of life bringing about bad mood, no joy in life, cancer, omnipresent mental diseases.
In “The Age of Awareness” we go back to the source, return to nature which is everything we have, the very thought of such a possibility evokes love, joy and trust.
I’d like to invite you to read my books and to join the discussion.
Don’t let anyone tell us we have no influence over anything. Here are ten steps leading to “The Age of Awareness”:

You shall reject the church which has become the nest of all evil.
You shall become a citizen of the world.
You shall see your neighbor as a household member and accept him the way he is.
You shall respect plants and animals and treat them as your equals.
You shall pay respect to the Earth, your home.
You shall reject your ego, the source of all frustration.
You shall accept death as your life companion thanks to which everything you do will be carried out as if it was the last thing you ever did.
You shall express kindness and gratefulness towards everyone around you.
You shall renounce envy thus accepting your fate as a path leading to becoming love.
You shall start acting with the understanding that “The Age of Awareness” starts in You.