…there is no place for a ‘God with a name,’ the only thing we can lean on is the likely assumption that the vibrant energy encompassing everything we know and
don’t know, may possess some kind of consciousness, the scale of which is beyond comprehension for the brain of the homo-sapiens ape.

I’m using the word ‘ape’ on purpose, the term is sure to make some people angry, however, to preempt their reaction I would only like to remind everyone what us “humans” did to the world, the home we all live in. Well, my dear ones, our home is overcome with filth, stench and poverty, it is governed by injustice, lust for money, hatred, egoism, conflict, mismanagement of natural resources, devastation, harm done to animals who deserve proper living we took away from them. The home with inhabitants who manufacture, sell and buy weapons to be used against other inhabitants.

Ubiquitous paranoia. How are we to feel good under one roof with someone who sleeps with a loaded gun under their pillow? Suspicion, distrust, aggression, those things make up the atmosphere of our home. That’s why the time has come to make a change, to throw out the reasons why we get excited upon seeing a high-tech tank or drone.

We must reject religion which, always preaching about the love of thy neighbor, at the same time, via its ‘absolute truths,’ contributes to the most fundamental divisions, religion, the existence of which provokes unending controversies, hatred and malice.

The pope as well as the other “spiritual leaders” have to face the facts: religion is evil, an instrument of power imposing unjustified “truths,” a brutal method of obliterating people, manipulating them and exploiting their straightforward, naive confidence for somebody’s egotistical purposes…

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